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Introduction Our Course

Pay After Placement Programs

Pay After Placement Programs mean that job seekers pay when they get a job. This programe is for both job seekers and employers. A pay-after-placement program is a type of training/certification program that allows learning even without payment of fees. this is a great way to do something to learn new skills and knowledge. some people think that there is no degree or course if they have no money. PAP proves it wrong because PAP provides money affordability, course accessibility, and much more affordability. for example-If you are a working professional or housewife, and have no time to go out for classes, this is definitely for you.




2 Years



What is Pay After Placement Programs?

  • The PAP programe which is the Pay After Placement Programe indicates the definition by its name self. As we know this is the certification programe, which is kind of short term and for everyone whether he/she is a student, working professional, or housewife.
  • If you are thinking about the PAP programe, then you should go for it because it will provide newness or novelty about learning in modern India and this programe basically helps those who want to set up their career by paying not so much money with the assurity of course.
  • This is beneficial for those students who take educational loans with huge amounts of money, PAP does not demand money before.
  •  If you have thought about the job placement or job scope, let us clarify that this programe will provide the candidates proper career guidance and job placement.
  • The PAP programe is for both job seekers and those also who have job experience.
  •  PAP provides the skills and knowledge.

What are the Key Highlights of the Pay After Placement Programe?

Course Duration

2-3 Years




INR 6k- 5 lakh

Salary range

INR 2 LPA - INR 10 LPA (Will vary according to the programe)

Job Opportunities

Will vary according to the programe

EMI Facility


Top Recruiters

TCS, Wipro, Deloitte, Samsung, Nokia, KPMG

Hiring partners


Admission process



What are the Primary Purposes Of Pay After Placement Programs?    

  •  PAP Programe will help to reduce the financial problems or you can say the financial obstacle of the students because you can make your payment when will be your course completed.
  • PAP or pay after placement payment Programe enhances the working skilled capabilities of the candidates because they believe skills are more important than so-called degrees.
  •  PAP or pay after placement payment Programe promotes the commitment or responsibilities, for those who want to settle their careers and for those who fully trust the PAPs.
  •  PAP or pay after placement payment Programe presents the courses or programe creatively for the students awakeness.
  • Additionally, The PAP programe provides good placements in companies like Google, TCS, Infosys, etc as per the candidates preferred course

What is the general procedure of Pay After Placement Programs?

PAP programe are here, to provide facilities about the preferred courses by the candidates and their fee benefits. For this, candidates should know how the PAP program works and how they will get into this programe effectively, you can follow these points:

  • Selection of the Course:

Candidates should know about the course they prefer, According to their preferred courses, PAP will explain the course benefits and their fee structure and placements, etc. by meeting their eligibility criteria through the interview of the candidate.

  • Chance to get trained:

After the explanation to the candidate, they will provide you with 15 days training of the preferred course where they will explain about the course, skills and many more things where the candidates will learn.

  • ISA (Income Share Agreement):

ISA, is the agreement in which if you agree to the above process, you will have to sign this agreement for surety and security, this will vary on the organization.

  • Courses and placement:

After the formalities, the course will start and after the completion, you can place and pay your fees as well. 

How Does Pay After Placement Programe Work?

PAP Programe has been provided by different organizations as per the courses, this will vary in the means of the Course structure, fee structure, and many more things, you can prefer these points before getting admitted-

  • Confirmation of the Employment:

After the course completion, students can easily go for their preferred job employment. In case, they have any issues with the job salary or security, PAP will help you, once you get placed, you need to pay their fees.

  • Income Restrictions And Payment:

If you have completed your course, and have already started earning, then, this is a good time to pay back to the organization in installments or you can pay some % of your salary if you are not in the situation of paying back to the organization due to the salary issue or anything else, then they will not be allowed to pay until you will earn little more than your salary.

  • Get directed for the Job Placement:

Many organizations are working with or affiliated with the PAP programe. In that way, they will help you to get a better job and help you to get placed with a better salary package.

  • Financial Flexibility:

The main benefit of this PAP Programe is that you will get financial flexibility as per the organizations. In that way, you do not need to take loans or not need to suffer about borrowing money from others for the completion of the specific course. You have to just study and get placed, once you get placed, now, you have to pay back your fees.

What are the fees For the Pay After Placement Programe?

The fees for this programe may vary from course to course. But the programe fee is available for approx the range between 5-6 thousand or varies to 5 lakh also.

Fees of PAP (Pay After Placement) Programe

Minimum Fees: 6,776/month

Maximum Fees: 1 lakh-1.5 Lakh

What about the Education loan/EMI For the Pay After Placement Programe?

 As we know, PAP provides fee flexibility, or students/candidates can continue their education or programs without any obstacles. They can pay course fees even after the completion of fees and even get into a job. For needy students, Some of the organizations have provided education loans as well or students can pay their own fees in the form of EMI by paying almost around 1-2% amount of their preferred courses. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria For Pay After Placement Programe?

If you are looking for the general criteria for the PAP programe, Let us clear to you that there are no specific eligibility criteria for any specific course or programe to pursue. This will vary according to your field- 

  • You just have to do your graduation in your field or diploma. For example- if you are applying for the UG Course, you must have high school at least.
  • You just to have basic knowledge of your preferred fields, if you do not have, one or you are kind of fresher, then do not worry PAP will teach you about the basic knowledge as well.
  • You should have basic technical knowledge if you are applying for any technical course or programe.

What about the Duration of the Course For Pay After the Placement Programe?

Candidates Type

Duration (in months)

Job Seekers

5 months

Working Professionals

4/6/8 months

College Students

6/8 months

What are the courses provided by the PAP Programe?

Courses provided by the PAP (Pay After Placement) Programe

  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • UI/UX Design
  • Data Science
  • MBA programe
  • MA programe
  • BA programe and many more

What are the subjects/syllabi provided by the PAP Programe?

As we know under the PAP programe, there are subject variations according to the programe, It may vary according to the UG, PG, and Other diploma courses. You can check on a General syllabus as per courses-

BA (Journalism and Mass Communication)

MA (English Literature)

  • Writing for Media
  • Socio-Economic & Political Scenario
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Basics of Design & Graphics
  • History of Print & Broadcasting in India
  • Media Laws & Ethics
  • Photography
  • Print Journalism
  • Development & Communication
  • Radio Journalism & Production
  • Basics of Camera, Lights & Sound
  • Television Journalism & Production
  • Public Relations
  • New Media
  • Advertising Practices
  • Media Research
  • Media Organization & Management
  • Global Media Scenario 
  • English Novel.
  • English Poetry.
  • English Drama.
  • English Prose and Essays.
  • Indian writings in English.

MBA (Master of Business Administration) Specialization

Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations management
  • Organisational behavior
  • Essentials and Principles of Management.
  • Business Economics.
  • Management Accounting
  • Statistics.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Business Mathematics.
  • Accounting- Management and Financial.
  • Security Analysis.

What is the Admission Procedure For Pay After Placement Programs?

The admission procedure of the Pay After Placement Programe differs from organization to organization as well as per the course. The procedure is quite simple to follow, you can follow these steps:

  • Candidates have to choose their preferred course and apply online accordingly.
  • Candidates must have filled out their academic details as per requirements.
  • After the completion of the application, the candidate would be shortlisted by the organization for the interview.
  • After this process, candidates can be admitted as per courses.

What are the Career perspectives/ scope For Pay After Placement Programs?

Although, we know Under the PAP Programe, there are so many programe considered, if you want to know about the career perspective, then, you need to know this will vary according to the courses or programe or courses specializations. Like If you prefer the Full stack development field, you will have plenty of opportunities as a full stack developer, In the areas of optimizing sites for web and mobile platforms and many more. Similarly,  all fields like UG, PG, or any diploma have different specializations as per technical or non-technical fields.

Career Opportunities/Scope for Pay After Placement Programs

  • Corporate Leadership Roles
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Specialized Management
  • International Opportunities
  • Administrative Manager
  • Management Consultant


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