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Introduction Our Course

Advance General Management

Advanced General Management is an educational program that provides skills and knowledge about successful business leaders and it helps students who want to improve managerial, leadership, and decision-making skills in all aspects of management. It excels in Business Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human resources, Change Management, Leadership, and Communication and has provided many opportunities.




2 Years



What is Advance General Management?

  • Advanced General Management is a field where you can learn how to manage business skills by the different specializations, where you can learn about marketing strategies for example how to run a company as an owner or you can work as an employee as well.
  • The main benefit or you can say the advantage is that you can run your own organization or get applied to a reputed organization as per preferred specilisations.
  • After the completion, some organizations can help you to get placed in MNCs via placement cells.
  • After getting a job in a specific, you will enhance or grow your skills like leadership skills, how to manage targets, how to manage work pressure, and the betterment of your preferred job area for example if you get into the marketing specialization, you will definitely improve about your communication skills, creativity or analytical skills and many more.
  • In fields like Project Management or Project Manager, you can earn a lot. Every year companies disclose a number of vacancies for example in the fields of HR, SALES, MARKETING, and many more fields according to the requirements..

Why is it important to study general management?

In our daily lives, We use marketing or sales skills in direct or indirect ways, and In modern India, We are leading the management areas from our homes to offices or businesses. The general management handles a maximum to maximum benefits which are given below, you can check:

  • Get an Advanced Career with the high paying salaries:

In modern India, there are so many demands in any field, and due to the demands, there is so much rush in a specific industry, In that way, you need to go for those fields where the courses contain more and more specializations to get high chances of the job. So, you can consider Advanced General Management to get more possibilities.

  • Start your own Career

By pursuing any specialization in advanced general management, you can build your own career by starting your own start-up in any field like ED-TECH companies where you can handle marketing of the books and additionally can earn more and more money. You can employ people and explore diversity as per your business.

  • Getting a chance to gain skills in divergent ways or different directions:

After the completion of your preferred organizations, They will teach you academic education but within they will help you to enhance your skills, like communication, Leadership, or how to manage your team, and many more via placement cells. For example, if the candidates want to be placed in any team like TCS in the field of HR, then, the organizations will help the candidate to enhance skills like communication skills while recruiting candidates, How to be interactive, and many more.    

  • Full of opportunities

Everyone knows that after the completion of a degree or course pursuing any specialization in Advanced General management, candidates can prefer any preferred field to grow in private as well as in the government sector like for the profile of finance, advertising, sales, operations, human resources, and many more.

  • The vital role of the organizations

If you are looking for any specializations in advanced general management, you just need to focus on the selection of the college or university for admission, With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect one just because of the better placement.

  • Skilled development in a healthy way:

We need to understand that pursuing a course is not enough but candidates' skill development is. The companies prefer experienced candidates as well and they focus on the skills the candidate holds importantly. If you want to get placed, you need to focus on the nourishing of skills.

What is the Eligibility for Advance General Management Program?

If you prefer any fields, you must know the eligibility criteria for that specific fields. In that way, If you’re searching particular fields or specializations in advanced general management, you must know the eligibility criteria of that particular field, because this will vary. You can follow below information-

  • You must have approx 50% marks in UG and PG programe from recognized will be eligible.
  • If you have qualified for examinations like CA/CS/ICWA and already have approximately 50% marks will be eligible.

What is the duration of the program?

If you want to do any specializations in the Advanced General Management Programe, then you need to spend 6-12 months or 1 year to complete any specializations. The classes have online or offline modes that can be held on the weekends i.e. Saturdays and Sundays.

What are the general courses provided by the organizations?


In your job industry, you must have heard the name of this post, especially in the private sector. HR job profile, where the person recruits a person or employee for their organization by meeting their eligibility, skills, and knowledge. On the other hand, HR will be responsible for the employee's hiring, training, onboarding, and firing everything. The HR takes care of the knowledge and skills of the employees. Approx every month companies have to disclose the vacancies for the HR department. for this, they demand graduation with experienced candidates. The HR generally takes care of the work culture, a positive attitude, and management of the company.

Let’s take an overview:



Eligibility Criteria



UG: 3 Years

PG: 2 Years

Diploma: 1 Year


INR 5 Lakh - INR 25 Lakh

Salary range


Job Opportunities

HR Manager, Senior HR Manager, HR Human Resource Analyst, etc.

Top Recruiters

TCS, Wipro, Deloitte, Samsung, Nokia, KPMG

Admission process


HR Specialisations

Recruitment, HR managers, Training and development, Employee / Labour Relations / Industrial Relations, Organizational Development.



When a person involved or responsible for the Reports, economic trends, and stock of the specific organizations. This is the most under-rated degree nowadays or you can say this course has a lot of career opportunities. The person with finance takes care of where money is spent by the organization or what will be the expenditure of the company will be, this is totally handled by the specific person with finance.

Let us look at the overview of finance:



Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor's degree


2 Years


INR 1 Lakh - INR 25 Lakh

Salary range


Job Opportunities

Corporate Investment Management, Portfolio Management, Credit Risk Management, etc.

Top Recruiters

KPMG, HDFC, ICICI Bank, Deutsche Bank etc

Admission process


HR Specialisations

stock markets, trend forecasting, capital investments, business analysis, etc.

Many more specialization has been offered by the university, you can visit the official site of the preferred university.

What are the fees for Advance General Management?

If you are looking for the fee structure of Advanced General Management, then you need to know that it will vary from specialization to university. If you want to get a general idea of the general course, you can check from the table-  



Advance General Management

1,70,000/- (Full Fees)

What are the General EMI/education loan details at organizations?

If you are looking for fee structures, and you are not able to pay fees in bulk, then you can prefer the EMIs, where you can pay your fees in installments. Here are some general details that universities can consider generally

  • The university generally does not demand any cost for 6 months.
  • On behalf of the university, interest may be generally available in 9 and 12 EMIs.
  • The EMI dates are generally declared by the organizations.
  • GST is charged as per organizations.

What are the Subjects for Advance General Management:

The subjects of advanced general management are all about the variation of the specialization because there are different kinds of fields as finance will detail accounting, market finance, and management control. Here, we are giving you a general idea about the syllabus you will learn:

Business Growth Strategies

Marketing Strategies



Structured Thinking and Problem-solving

Adaptability to change

Interpersonal and communication skills

Strategic thinking and Planning abilities,

Time Management 

Project Management skills

What is the Admission process for Advance General Management?

The essential procedure for this programe is given below, you can check:

Step 1: First of all, you need to select your preferred specialization.

Step 2 After the selection of that specific specialisation, you need to fill application process in the mode of online or offline by filling correct information about the academic details

Step 3: After the completion of the application process, you need to appear and pass the examination as given by the preferred organization.

Step 4: After that, you will get the offer letter during the process of shortlisting.

Step 5: You need to complete your fee payment as per the organization and save the application process for further processing.

What about the Hiring partners in Advanced General Management?

Hiring partners in Advanced General Management

  • ICICI Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Reliance
  • Samsung
  • Tata
  • IBM
  • Godrej
  • Deloitte
  • Ey
  • HSBC

What are the Career Opportunities For Advanced General Management?

You can grab the opportunities as per the specializations offered by different companies during the placement. There are so many scopes that are related to different specializations, you can check:

Career Opportunities/Scope for Advanced General Management

  • Corporate Leadership Roles
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Specialized Management
  •  International Opportunities
  •  Administrative Manager
  • Management Consultant


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