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Introduction Our Course

Job Guarantee Programe

If you are a candidate who wants to settle up your job career and want some stability in your career by pursuing any job professional course, then you can go for the Job Guarantee Program where the experienced experts will nourish your skills to get a job in a professional and educational way effortlessly. The main benefit is that you can pay your fees once you complete your course. Additionally, the experts help you build your Resume and CV and also help you to prepare for upcoming interviews.




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What is the Job Guarantee Program?

Creating a long-lasting and responsible career in the technological world is not everyone’s job. Imagine having all the demanded knowledge to earn the technical certification examinations but not having the proper recommendation on how to get a 100% job guarantee. For this, you can gain skills like for building your career. The main aim of this program is to remove unemployment from India basically by giving affordable and flexible jobs. This is demanded by the candidates who are needy or are facing a financial crisis.

Some of the highlighting characteristics of our 100% job guarantee courses online are given as follows: 

  • The career mentors are dedicated and push those who want career settlement in their lives.
  • You will gain knowledge from experienced experts with 11+ years of experience.
  • You will get 100% job after completion of this course.
  • You can attend the online classes as well from mentors.
  • You can get help from experienced mentors to build your CV and resume effectively.

Which Programe is best to get a job immediately? 

Below is the Top Master’s Programe that will help you to get a job-

  • IT Professional  
  • Technical Support  
  • Network Specialist  
  • Network Automation  
  • Cloud Architect  
  • Cyber Security  and many more

These Programe will definitely help you to get a perfect job as per your capabilities in the form of any field. Hiring partners like TCS, Apple, Google, and many more highly demanded companies will help you to get a job immediately after completion. The main Advantage of this programe you can earn your degree in your comfort like at your home or from recognized institutions. 

Which Job Guaranteed Programe will suit you?

1. Web Designing:  Web designing is the programe that allows you to develop skills that are based on graphics, typography, or images which is used on internet sites. If you want to go for this programe, which is given below-

  • Required Eligibility: Candidate must have a Degree or Diploma with a Basic knowledge of the Computer.
  • Fee details: The Fees range from 8,000  to 15,000 for government organizations and INR 45,000 to 1,60,000 for private organizations. On the other hand, private organizations are more expensive than government organizations.
  • Course duration: If you want to go for web designing, The duration of web designing is not too long, it would take only 3-4 months for the candidate. 
  • The main advantage of this course is there is no need to know coding.
  • Salary: If you want to start your job your salary will have a range is about 2.5 Lakhs Per Annum as a fresher, if you have experience in this field, you can earn More than 10 Lakhs Per Year in this field.

Web Designing: Overview


Web Designing

Eligibility Criteria



3 - 4 months 

Fees Range

₹8,000 - ₹1,60,000

Course Type

Certification Course

Salary offered

₹2.5 L to  10 L

Job Opportunities

Applications developer, Multimedia specialist, SEO specialist, Web content manager, and many more.

2. Digital Marketing: The candidate who wants to do a Digital Marketing course, should know first what is it? In this course, the products and services are promoted or sold virtually or by offline platforms for advertisement of the products. If you want to go for the digital marketing course, you should know the information about the course  as well, which is given below-

  • Required Eligibility: Candidates must have a diploma or any graduation degree with a basic knowledge of the computer.
  • Fee details: If you want to earn a Digital marketing programe, the fee range will have the range between ₹30,000 - ₹1,00,000
  • Course duration: For those who want to pursue this programe, the course duration is about 3 - 6 months.
  • The main advantage of this course is there is no need to know coding.
  • Salary: After the completion of the course, the candidate can earn between ₹25,000 - ₹30,000 as a fresher.

Digital Marketing: Overview


Digital Marketing

Eligibility Criteria



3 - 6 months 

Fees Range

₹30,000 - ₹1,00,000

Course Type

Certification Course

Salary offered

₹25,000 to  ₹30,000

Advance Courses

SEO Specialization, Content Writing, Marketing Automation, Affiliate Marketing

Job Opportunities

Content writing, Social Media Marketing, SEO experts, MNCs, and other private organizations, etc.

3. Python Full Stack Developer: First of all, you should know what is Python full stack developer is when an individual is responsible for the design, implementation, and modification of both the consumer, and server sides of an internet or web application. If you want to go for Python full stack developer, you should know the information about the course  as well, which is given below-

  • Required Eligibility: Candidates must have a diploma or any graduation degree with knowledge of programming.
  • Fee details: If you want to pursue a Python full-stack developer course, the fee is about ₹75,000 for this programe.
  • Course duration: For those who want to pursue this programe, the course duration is about 40-45 Days or you can say 7 weekends.
  • Salary: After the completion of the course, the candidate can earn between ₹25,032 - ₹50,000 as a fresher or experienced.

Python Full Stack Developer: Overview


Python Full Stack Developer

Eligibility Criteria



40-45 Days or 7 weekends.

Fees Range

About ₹75,000

Course Type

Certification Course

Salary offered

₹25,032 - ₹50,000

Job Opportunities

Full stack Developer, Full stack Engineer, Python Developer, Senior Software Engineer and many more.

Many more specializations are offered by the organizations, for more details you can visit to the sites of the various organizations. 

Curriculum Design of Job Guarantee Program:

The Curriculum Design of the Job Guarantee Program is based on the specializations or courses chosen by the candidates. The curriculum of these online courses is prepared by the organizations and technological needs. 

Eligibility Criteria of the Job Guarantee Program:

The eligibility criteria for the Job Guarantee Program are listed below:

  • Candidate must have graduated from a recognized university.
  • Candidates must score 50% marks in past qualifying examinations
  • If the Candidate has technical experience will be preferred.
  • English is compulsory for studies.
  • 28 years old is the maximum age to apply.

Duration of the Job Guarantee Program:

The Exact Duration of the Job Guarantee Program depends upon the specialization or courses the candidate prefers. The duration of the Job Guarantee Program is generally 3-12 months or maybe less or more.

Admission Process of the Job Guarantee Program:

Before pursuing the preferred course, the candidate should meet the eligibility criteria as per the organization. For the general process, you can follow these steps-

Step 1: Candidates must choose the specializations first, and tap the ‘Apply Now’ button for the application process.

Step 2: Application: Candidates can continue their application by filling correct information about their academics.

Step 3: Examination: After that, the candidate must appear and pass the examination.

Step 4: After the completion of the examination, the candidate will receive the offer letter

Step 5: Pay the required fees for the course and print out a hard copy for further processing.

Advantages of Online Job Guarantee Courses:

If you want to do a Job Guarantee programe in any specialization and you have to face financial or any career issues in your life, then you should go for this programe which would give you the right direction, flexibility to study, provided specializations and it is cheap to pursue, provide online as well as offline classes as per course and organizations, and get a chance a help, career guidance from the experienced experts.

  • Assurity or guarantee of the job

This programe can give you assurity about the job like you have completed your programe or course, You have a chance to get your money back. In that way, this programe is for those who have a money problem or for those who have poor financial backgrounds, So they can continue theirs effectively.

  •  Betterment of career:

This programe can give a bucket of job scopes or opportunities to be successful in your current job career. They provided an expert team or mentor to guide you, a comfortable fee structure, and placements too.

  • No Restrictions:

The good thing about this programe is you don’t need to pre-qualification, or any degree/ diploma. If you have this will help you to learn things quickly. Although, they do not demand any knowledge or degree. In that way, after the admission, they will help you to enhance skills to build your career in a divergent direction.

  • Lower Fees of the programe:

The programe does not demand the high cost of fees or something, this is the benefit of fees for the candidates who have a weak financial background. Another benefit is that students can take installments while pursuing.

How to Choose a Job Guarantee programe?

The candidate who wants to do these course specializations should know about the procedure, fee structure, facilities within the course, and most importantly career scopes of that specific job area. You can know these points:

  • Know about the organizations:

Before getting into any course, you should have to know about the providers or organizations, like which organizations have provided which field criteria, their career placements, and other specializations. 

  • Enquiry of the preferred course:

After the selection of the course, you need to enquire about the course by visiting that specific organization or by calling that organization for details or you can visit EduZest for online counseling.

  • Get admitted

After the completion of the enquiry process, you can apply online or offline application form to the preferred organization or university in a specific course or programe.

  • Placement: Some candidates have gotten placement after completion or some have during the course, Candidates have been prepared by the organization to get job opportunities by placing them in the best companies.

Career Opportunities of the Job Guarantee Program:

Career Opportunities for the Job Guarantee Program

  • Digital marketing project manager
  • Social media manager
  • Content writer/creator
  • SEO Specialist
  • Graphic designer


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