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Write Review and Win Monthly Prizes Upto ₹30000*

Every Review Will Bring Upto ₹500 & ₹30000 monthly via Referrals, “Extra Cash for Selected Colleges”

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Monthly Cash Rewards


Minimum 120 referrals and 1st position on Leaderboard


Minimum 100 referrals and 2nd position on Leaderboard


Minimum 60 referrals and 3rd position on Leaderboard


Minimum 40 referrals and 4th position on Leaderboard

How To Win the rewards?

  • Submit Your College Review Every reviews gets guaranteed Rs 200 - Rs 300 extra for selected colleges Check List
  • Collect Your Referral Code Every approved review via referral Gets Guaranteed Rs 40/-
  • Reach in Top 10 of the leaderboard Every month top three referees get Rs 15000, Rs 12000, and Rs 7000. Next 7 Refers Get Rs 2000

Do's & Dont's - Points to Consider While Writing a Review

  • Be Factual - Read the instructions provided along with the questions carefully, and try to include mentioned facts to the best of your knowledge
  • Be Decent - Talking about your alma mater should always have decency, even when criticizing it. No Rash Words Should be Used in the content, it will be edited during the moderation process.
  • Be Original - Don't Copy and write your own experience. Most elaborate reviews might bring extra rewards. Write your review on your own, don't let anyone else use your identity.
  • Be Patient - The review has 8 steps, each step covering one aspect of your college life, so answer them with patience so they add value to the user. You can always complete the review form in phases.
  • Be Social - Once you are done with your review, share the review form with as many students from your college as possible. More the review more the rewards. Reviews for the courses with lesser reviews on collegedunia have extra rewards added to them.


  • Monthly Winners will be announced on the starting of each month. Winners of May 2023 will be announced on 1st of June 2023.
  • Top 3 monthly winners will be awarded bonus cash reward of ₹15,000, ₹12,000, ₹7,000 respectively. The candidates on position 4 to 10 on the leaderboard at the end of month will be awarded bonus cash reward of ₹2,000. This amount is other than the amount earned from indivisual referrals.
  • To be eligible for bonus cash reward the 1st winner should have atleast 120 successful referral, 2nd winner should have atleast 100 successful referrals, 3rd should have atleast 60 successful referral and the rest 4th to 10th position holders should have atleast 40 referrals.
  • There are two ways to earn reward points-:
    1. Write a review of your college and earn upto 1000 points(₹500). Minmum 200 points(₹100).
    2. Encourage your friends to write college reviews by sharing them your referral code. Upon approval of such reviews you will earn upto 80 points(₹40). Cash amount will be recieved when the review submitted from your referral code is apporved.
  • A successful referral is when the review submitted via your referral code is approved. 1 point = ₹0.5


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